Centre Coordinator

Ms Lorato Daniel
Centre Supervisor Ms Barulaganye Mababa
Address Plot 15075/1/0, Area W., Opposite Area W clinic, behind Gigatech commercial school.
PO Box 11876
244 0242
244 0791
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BOCAIP- Francistown was formed in May 2001. The centre’s programmes and activities include:

• Holistic  or general  counselling
• HIV Counselling and testing
• Community education through outreaches
• Support groups for PLWHA
• Youth abstinence clubs targeting out-of-school youth
• Workplace based HIV and AIDS programme
• Provision of Psychosocial support to orphans and vulnerable children
• Spiritual counselling 
• Girls project on the pipeline

The centre targets both in and out of school youth, church community, Orphans and vulnerable children, people in the workplace and the general public.

Stakeholders and partners are the government, non-governmental organisations, the private sector, schools, the clinics, the hospital, community groups, the Church and parastatals.